Thoughts on Las Vegas: Needing the Best of Human Nature

The best of human nature always reveals itself in response to the worst. Compassion, service and a genuine sense of community is the most powerful antidote to the disease of hatred. – Michael Josephson  Read more of Michael’s thoughts on the awful tragedy in Las Vegas here.

Thoughts Las Vegas: Live a Life that Matters

Words, even deep and genuine feelings of compassion, are so impotent in the face of inexplicable and despicable tragedy. So many people have been afflicted by unearned and ongoing pain from the hurricanes and the Las Vegas murders it is hard not to to be by overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge events like this present. Those of us … Read More

Thoughts on Las Vegas: Cops Have to be Brave

A gun, a badge, even body armor can’t protect the heart of people who care. Cops have to be brave and tough; they have to run toward the shooter and shield others from danger but don’t think they do not feel deeply harm they can’t prevent. Never take for granted the health and well-being of those who serve and protect. … Read More

Thoughts Las Vegas: The Caring of Strangers

When terrible things happen often all that can protect us or ease our pain is the caring of strangers and the commitment and skill of EMTs, ambulance drivers, police and doctors and nurses. We must celebrate and encourage the best that is in us, not demean our potential with easy cynicism. Human nature is complex but it can be grand … Read More

Thoughts on Las Vegas: We Need Love for All Humanity

The best of human nature always reveals itself in response to the worst. Compassion, service and a genuine sense of community is the most powerful antidote to the disease of hatred. Our condolences and words of support to those most injured by the Las Vegas tragedy are sadly without power. Only persistent and direct love for all humanity – irrespective … Read More

WORTH READING: States With Right-To-Carry Gun Laws Have Higher Violent Crime Rates

Stanford University recently examined 30 states that have adopted right to carry laws in between 1979 – 2014. The study concluded that after roughly 10 years of a state having a right-to-carry law in place, the state saw roughly 13 to 15 percent higher rates of violent crime than states that had no right-to-carry laws in place.  This study debunks the popular … Read More

WORTH READING: Denver police officers are no longer helping revise the department’s use-of-force policy

By NOELLE PHILLIPS | | The Denver Post Officers have stopped attending meetings of a community group assembled to write a new use-of-force policy for the Denver Police Department. The sole officer who remained on the advisory committee that was formed in April dropped out Tuesday after sending a letter to the police chief tendering his resignation from the group. Tyson Worrell, treasurer … Read More

20 Golden Principles for Prevailing on the Street

These principles will help you physically, legally and emotionally survive law enforcement Blue Knights with Lt. Dan Marcou Mar 20, 2017 Read Full Article Here As a longtime police officer and trainer, I’ve had the opportunity to apply a number of principles on the street with success, and then train those highly effective principles to others. I would now like … Read More

A Study of Police Suicide Statistics

A study of Police Suicide Statistics By Ron Clark, RN, MS, Connecticut State Police (ret.) Andy O’Hara, California Highway Patrol (ret.) January 4, 2017 Badge of Life completed its most recent annual survey of police suicides for 2016.  Known as NSOPS (National Study of Police Suicides), this was our fourth in a series of studies that began in 2008.  One thing was … Read More


Your first job is to take care of yourself, emotionally. You’re no good to anyone if you don’t do that first (that includes your fellow officers, your family and the public). No one can tell better if an officer is in trouble than the officer himself–but they need to learn and practice some important steps in order to do that. … Read More

Implementing a Body Worn Camera Program, Lessons Learned

Body Worn Camera Program, Lessons Learned, COPS and PERF   Chapter 1. Perceived Benefits of Body-Worn Cameras Accountability and transparency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … Read More

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Baltimore County Executive Calls Police Traffic Stops ‘Disturbing’: Data Shows Disproportionate Number of Black Stopped By Police

The Baltimore County Police Department has known for years that its own traffic stop data shows disproportionate numbers of black drivers being stopped. “The bottom line is, I’m disturbed by the data,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. According to  analysis by the 11 News I-Team In Precinct 1, which includes the communities of Arbutus, Halethorpe and Catonsville, black drivers made up … Read More