Milwaukee: Another Midwest City Erupts After Police Shooting

Though early reports indicate the police shooting may have been a proper and necessary shoot of a man with a gun and a record of violence by a black officer, the African-American Community demonstrated, looted and destroyed both police and private property in protest. A second night of violence followed pleas for peace on Sunday, August 15, after violent overnight … Read More

Off-Duty Massachusetts Police Officer Lauded as Good Samaritan

Massachusetts Police Officer Lauded as Good Samaritan

There Are Good People Out There Michael Szawlowski, an off-duty police officer in Northampton, Massachusetts, made the day of a man who was about to be reported to police for being unable to pay for gas he had pumped into his car and won praise for being a good person”. The beneficiary of the good deed was Paul Zabawa who … Read More

North Miami officer on paid leave after shooting unarmed black man

Officer on paid leave after shooting unarmed black man

NORTH MIAMI, FLA. (WSVN) – A therapist who works at a group home for the disabled is still in shock after a North Miami Police officer shot him, but according to the Police Union president, that officer may have been aiming for someone else. Thursday afternoon, the North Miami Police Department released a statement saying that officer has been placed … Read More

Charles Kinsey – Unarmed South Florida black man with hands up shot by police while calming autistic patient Charles Kinsey lay on his back in a North Miami street, his hands up in the air. He was talking to his client, an autistic man named Rinaldo, as Rinaldo sat cross-legged next to him, holding a toy fire truck in his hands. Police, armed with assault rifles, were closing in. Kinsey later told reporters, “I was really more worried … Read More


Bruce Gordon, Director of Communications ST. PAUL — Several individuals involved in an officer-involved shooting incident that happened on July 6 in Falcon Heights have been identified. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) is conducting an independent investigation into the incident. Officer Jeronimo Yanez and Officer Joseph Kauser have both been with the St. Anthony … Read More

Alton Sterling Video Made by Baton Rouge Volunteers Who Monitor Police Scanners

Over the past decade, a Baton Rouge anti-violence group has filmed the aftermath of more than 30 deadly shootings in the city. Its most recent video captured police shooting of Alton Sterling. The story behind the filming of the fatal Baton Rouge police shooting. It was no coincidence. Washington Post July 7, 2016 By Travis M. Andrews The past few years … Read More

Two Chicago officers who shot and killed, Paul O’Neal, an unarmed black man fleeing in a stolen vehicle immediately “relieved of powers” for violating department policies

Paul O’Neal, an 18 year-old unarmed black man, seeking to escape police in a stolen vehicle, sideswiped a squad car injuring officers. The Chicago patrolmen shot O’Neal while he was driving away. O’Neal died prior to reaching hospital. Superintendent Eddie Johnson, seeking to re-build trust in wake of Laquan McDonald scandal, demonstrates unprecedented transparency and takes immediate action, relieving the … Read More

Freddie Gray – 3 of 6 Officers Acquitted; Prosecutor Surrenders Dropping Remaining Charges – Gray’s Family Received $6.4 Million in Civil Settlement

Though acquittal of three officers of criminal charges relating to the death of Freddie Gray the city paid over $6 million re: death of Freddie Gray, controversial criminal charges against Baltimore officers end in acquittal and dismissal demonstrating wide gap between issues of propriety and professionalism and criminality. Prosecutors drop remaining charges in Freddie Gray case Decision comes after a … Read More

Slain Baton Rouge Officer: “I swear I love this city but I wonder if this city loves me. In uniform I get nasty hateful looks and out of uniform some consider me a threat.”

Montrell Jackson, slain police officer: ‘If you need a hug … I got you’ By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN July 19, 2016 In a post accompanied by his holding his newborn son, Baton Rouge Police Officer Montrell Jackson described himself as “tired physically and emotionally” but swore he’d not give in. By Victor Morton – The Washington Times – Sunday, July 17, 2016 A … Read More

Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez represents law enforcement at DNC

When my officers report for duty, they have no idea what might come up that day. They don’t know whether the next 911 call will be their last. But they keep answering the call. They keep putting their lives on the line. They are doing the best they can to protect our communities. We put on our badges every day to serve … Read More

Landmark Decision: Floyd v. City of New York – Federal Judge Rules NYPD Stop and Frisk Practices Unconstitutional, Racially Discriminatory

August 12, 2013, New York – In a landmark decision, a federal court found the New York City Police Department’s highly controversial stop-and-frisk practices unconstitutional. In her thorough, 198-page ruling, Judge Shira Scheindlin found the NYPD’s practices to violate New Yorkers’ Fourth Amendment rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures and also found that the practices were racially … Read More

Report: Murder & Homicide Rates – Before & After Gun Bans

MURDER AND HOMICIDE RATES BEFORE AND AFTER GUN BANS Every place that has been banned guns (either all guns or all handguns) has seen murder rates go up. You cannot point to one place where murder rates have fallen, whether it’s Chicago or D.C. or even island nations such as England, Jamaica, or Ireland. For an example of homicide rates before and after … Read More